The 15 hottest Halloween costumes of 2017, according to Google

Will Halloween festivities creeping up, many folks are likely on the hunt for a winning Halloween costume.

Thanks to Google News Lab's Frightgeist, an annually-released database backed by trillions of Google searches in the country, you can keep track of the most popular costumes of the year.

Frightgeist shows the country’s top 500 most-searched costumes in real time and gives you data on the most-searched costumes near you.

It also includes a nifty Costume Wizard tool to help you find the right one for you. Just adjust your preferred spookiness and uniqueness level and your preferred style.

According to the national 2017 data so far, women superheroes and Disney stars, including Moana and Wonder Woman, are among the top of the list.

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But a bulk of the searches show generic character costumes, such as a pirate, zombie or witch.

Here are the 15 most popular Halloween costumes in the country for 2017, as of Monday, Oct. 23:

1. Wonder Woman

2. Harley Quinn

3. Clown

4. Unicorn

5. Rabbit

6. Witch

7. Mouse

8. Pirate

9. Zombie

10. Dinosaur

11. Princess

12. Moana

13. Ninja

14. Superhero

15. Mermaid

ExploreExplore the full list at and see the top trending costumes near you.