The bug that looks like a tick: What is it? Why are there so many?

A tiny bug is putting many people on edge, thanks to its resemblance to the feared tick.  It's called a weevil and it does look a lot like the bug that carries Lyme disease.

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Entomologist Bill Todaro said the wet spring made for good breeding conditions in the grass, that's what you've been seeing a lot of them.

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Todaro said he has gotten calls from people all over the country, reporting high populations of weevils.

Todaro said weevil's like grass, the insides of cars and kiddie pools.

"If you walk through the grass and they get on your ankle or your pants, you think, 'Oh, it's a tick.  It's trying to bite me.'  But they don't bite.  They don't do anything really to people," he said.

But they can be a pest to your yard.

"It's a little late to apply pesticides to this generation.  They're already up and out," Todaro said.

Todaro said you should stop seeing them in a couple of weeks.