Teen says mother closed the living room for the next month

A mother from Ohio is taking the drastic step to keep her living room clean until Thanksgiving.

She has closed the room to her family's traffic, and the sign that her son posted on Twitter has gone viral.

Posted across the door with zebra-stripe duct tape, Nick Denbow's mother's sign states that the room has been cleaned for the holidays and is closed until Thanksgiving.

She says she will grant "special permission" if anyone wants to sit on her clean furniture and/or walk on her clean carpet.

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Permission will be granted if: "You have showered and are dirt and odor free from top to toe."

They must also be wearing "freshly laundered clothing."

If permission is given, they will not be allowed to take any food or drink into the room.

Denbow said that he and his mother are laughing that his brother is upset that he can't watch television in the living room, Buzzfeed reported.

No one, including the family's two dogs, have ventured into the room, even after meeting the conditions of the note.

Denbow's mother has the support of the internet with her quest to keep the room spotless for the next few weeks, but not everyone is in agreement.