Teen saves friend's life with her final act, completing bucket list

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Rebecca Townsend put together a bucket list for a high school project. She eventually checked off things like "kissing in the rain" and traveling to Spain. She even founded her high school's chapter of She's the First, a charity for girls in developing nations.

Also on her list was “save a life.” She did just that in her final moment.

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Townsend was walking across a road with a friend when a car came barreling toward them. Rebecca used her last breath to push 17-year-old Benjamin Arne away from the vehicle. Both were hit by the car, but Townsend took the brunt of the collision and was killed.

Newser reports that Arne said the "last thing he can remember is Rebecca pushing him out of the way." Arne remains in the hospital in serious but stable condition.

"She was a wonderful, wonderful person," Immaculate High School Principal Joe Carmen told newstimes.com.

Buzzfeed reports that it wasn't until after her death that Rebecca's family found the bucket list in her room. They say the list brought them some comfort knowing she'd fulfilled her final wish.

“It was a little sign that she was OK,” her sister, Victoria, said.

Her friends and family "set up a Facebook page called Remembering Rebecca to encourage people to 'remember Rebecca by going out and doing something that matters.'"

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Rebecca Draper Townsend was a beautiful, caring, brilliant 17 year old girl who tragically died on July 2, 2015 while...

Posted by Remembering Rebecca on Sunday, July 5, 2015

A great example of continuing Rebecca's dedication to helping others.

Posted by Remembering Rebecca on Sunday, July 5, 2015