Teacher's 'read a book, ride a bike' homework for students goes viral

A teacher in the United Kingdom did not want her students stressing about their upcoming standardized tests so she gave them a very important homework assignment — read a book, smile, and spend time with people you love.

Mrs. Thom, a teacher in reading, shared a note saying that she was "in charge of worrying" after her 10- and-11-year-old students were stressing over the Year 6 SAT tests, a standardized test for kids of that age, Mashable reports. The test is the final one before the kids go to Primary School and has come under fire after a BBC survey showed that 90 percent of the children "felt the pressure to do well."

Because of that, Mrs. Thom decided to leave her note requesting that her students avoid any stress and focus on the important things. Other activities listed were: go on a bike or scooter ride, eat ice cream, watch your favorite television program, go for a swim or a walk, play in your garden, and have more ice cream.

The post, which also appeared on Facebook, had more than 60,000 shares in two days and was applauded by those on the social media site.

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What an awesome teacher

Posted by Eyfs Matters on Saturday, May 7, 2016