Surveillance cameras could put your home at risk

For less than $200 people can install a security camera and keep an eye on what's happening, but KOKI found out it's very easy for anyone to see what's going on at their house.

FOX23 found one website that shows people's cameras, and experts said there are others.

One site featured cameras showing the inside of someone's garage.

"You might not want to broadcast to the world that you have such high-end cars," said John Thumser, a security technician.

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Another camera outside the garage gave another view.

“This is the same device,” said Thumser. “If we could get a better shot on it, we now know where they live. That's just lucky that we're not seeing numbers.”

He said the problem isn't with the camera, it's when it is connected to the internet, so users can see what's going on from their phones.

“What makes it easy for them, unfortunately makes it easy for everybody to access,” said Thumser.

It is what happens if you don't set a password to protect the live feed.

Another camera took


inside a home.

While a third showed what happens behind the counter of a local gas station.

"You're putting information out on the internet that you probably don't want for security reasons," said NAME.

The website boasts you can learn the routine of most Americans by watching for free, and it says you can see things like bank robberies, assaults and protests every day.

It also says the only way to keep your cameras private is to password-protect them.

The website doesn't list the exact location of the cameras, however FOX23 was able to figure out where some of them are by searching IP addresses.

KOKI reached out to the website owners to find out why they share the live feeds and if they're concerned about putting people at risk.

KOKI: "Do you think most of these security camera owners are aware that you are sharing a live feed from their camera?"
Site: "Insecam directory just is listing public accessible cameras. I do not know if it was done intentionally or by mistake."
KOKI: "Are you concerned that, by showing the insides of homes and businesses, without the security camera owner's knowledge, you could be jeopardizing their safety, or putting them at risk for theft?"
Site: "Only public accessible feeds are available on the site. Any unethical links are removed as soon as it's found on the site."