Study finds Millennials feel cohorts 'self-absorbed'

A recent Pew study on how generations see themselves contains some disheartening information for millennials. Or rather, it reveals that millennials have a disheartening view of themselves.

For one, only 40 percent of millennials actually properly identify themselves as such. Of the millennial generation, those ages 18-34, those on the older end inaccurately refer to themselves as Generation X, according to the Pew Research Center. Less than half of the younger end feel they are millennials, the report says.

Second, in terms of generational traits, millennials are more likely to identify with negative terms such as "wasteful" and "greedy." Nearly 60 percent say their cohorts are self-absorbed.

In addition, just 36 percent of millennials feel the phrase "hard-working" actually describe cohorts, according to the report. That may have something to do with the millennial generation also having the lowest credit scores.

Medical Daily acknowledges millennials' debt burdens are a considerable stress factor here, one that leads to the "quarter life crisis."

A subconcious subplot here could also be that millennials are the generation most likely to view themselves as "idealisitc," which can amplify disappointments and shortcomings.

Read the study here.