Students star in music video to fight bullying

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Students at Edison High School in Tulsa are making lemonade out of lemons with a music video about bullying they've posted online.

Anastasia Richardson, a senior at Edison, wrote the song I Am Beautiful to express her feelings after she was bullied out of some school clubs.

"I didn't want them to go through what I had gone through," Richardson said. "I wanted to share it with everyone."

Richardson and her classmates then created a music video around what they've personally experienced in the halls and classrooms at school. Many of them told FOX23 that, unfortunately, they were not acting in the video.

Alexandria Martinez played one of the bullies in the video, but she said in reality, she at times has been on the receiving end of the taunting and teasing.

"I actually built up the confidence even if someone says something mean to me," Martinez said. "Some people have said some things mean to me about the video, but I know my self worth, and that I'm awesome."

Caden Meador played the role of the victim in many scenes, and he said some of the segments in the video have reflected moments he's experienced in the hall. He said the friendships he's made while making the video are priceless.

"I learned that I just need to be myself," Meador said. "I became my own person and started doing my own things that make me happy."

But more than self-awareness is the fact that some of the bullies at school have watched the video and have apologized for their actions.

"I've actually become friends with a lot of bullies, and it's actually been really cool," Richardson said.

The video is gaining popularity online. It has been shared on social media by the Mayor of Kansas City, BBC journalist Tara Mills, talk show host Montel Williams and woman's clothing label Cache' --  just to name a few.