Student with Down syndrome gets 'promposal' from longtime friend

A student with Down syndrome got a promposal from a longtime friend.

David Mucha wasn’t surprised to see a group of friends standing outside his home, but what did surprise him was what they were holding -- a sign that simply said "Prom." It was the way his friend Kirsten Giovengo, whom he’s known since the first grade, decided to ask him to prom.

Giovengo helps out in Mucha’s life skills class and wanted to ask him to their senior prom.

These two have helped build a culture of acceptance for students with Down syndrome and other special needs at Avonworth High School.

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Mucha's teacher, Tiffany White, said the two have a special friendship and will bring a new element to Avonworth's prom.

“A lot of people will see what prom's supposed to be about. It’s not about how fancy the dress is, or how much you spent on flowers or a vehicle. It’s about enjoying other people's company and making memories,” White said.

Mucha told Channel 11’s Jennifer Tomazic that he wanted to get a white suit and purple tie to match Giovengo’s dress.

Avonworth’s prom was held Friday at the PPG Aquarium. Mucha and Giovengo were named prom king and queen.