Stingray photobombs couple’s surprise engagement at aquarium

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A stingray at Ripleys Aquarium of Canada in Toronto has perfect timing.

A man surprised his girlfriend with a proposal and a stingray decided to photobomb the moment.

Reddit user McYay and her fiancee were visiting the aquarium's Ray Bay during a stingray feeding when a host asked for two volunteers.

The couple played a game. He would describe a stingray and she was supposed to guess the type.

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“As he is describing to me ‘It has a tail’ and ‘It’s gray’ I’m thinking I am so embarrassed and this is definitely some kind of prank on me because people in the audience are giggling and gasping,” she wrote on Reddit.

The host asked for her answer then told her to turn around.

“Obviosuly spend (sic) the next 10 minutes crying and laughing at the same time,” McYay wrote.

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