Snow cleared so elderly man can visit wife’s memorial bench

A thoughtful gesture by two park employees in Wisconsin is quickly going viral.

According to WDJT, Bud Caldwell, 82, visits his wife's memorial bench at a local park every morning, regardless of weather conditions. Caldwell's wife died two years ago. The couple were married for almost 56 years.

On each visit to his wife’s memorial bench, Caldwell leaves a daisy and a penny, symbols of two of the couple’s favorite songs, “Pennies from Heaven” and “A Daisy a Day.”

A recent snowstorm left the path to his wife’s bench buried in snow, and Caldwell feared he might have to miss his daily visit. He suffered a fall in the past when trying to visit his wife’s bench with snow on the ground and didn’t want to risk another injury.

Park employees Jerrod Ebert and Kevin Shultz saw Caldwell in the parking lot and knew what they had to do.

The pair grabbed snow shovels and cleared a path for the elderly man.

When interviewed by WDJT, Caldwell said, “Two young men did such a nice thing for one old man.”

Ebert and Schultz are determined to keep the path clear all winter.