Security experts warn about possible violence at inauguration

Credit: Aaron P. Bernstein

Credit: Aaron P. Bernstein

As the nation's security agencies gear up for President-elect Donald Trump's inauguration on Friday, some experts in the field are warning of the potential for volatility.

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"Unlike previous inaugurations in presidential history, this is predicted to be the most volatile," said Ross Bulla, a security expert and founder of The Treadstone Group in Denver, North Carolina.

A bevy of protest groups plans to attend the inauguration; dozens of them have already applied for permits. Some are seeking to block roads and commit "widespread civil disobedience" and are spreading the message on websites and social media.

"They want to try and stop the motorcade if they can, perhaps throw objects at the motorcade, which is not unheard of and which has been done in the past," Bulla said.

Walter Kimble, a former police chief and Gastonia councilman, has experience in sending his officers to work the inauguration in 2005. Kimble said authorities will have to carefully juggle security, First Amendment rights and the always-present threat of terrorism.

"There's a lot of balance of constitutional issues there and also national and international issues on the front of terrorism," Kimble said.

With throngs of people anticipated, authorities will rely on alert eventgoers as well.

"Keep your guard up. This is a wonderful time to think of, 'If you see something, say something,'" Kimble said.