Secret of a 70-year marriage: 'Be a good giver-inner'

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An Ohio couple, George and Fern Parent, has been married 70 years. George recently shared the secret to their long and happy union.

“Be a good giver-inner,” George Parent advised. “Give in, no matter whether you’re right or wrong, doesn’t make a difference.”

“She runs the house, and anything she says, goes,” Parent continued. “And that’s all right with me ‘cause it’s too much work.”

Sounds a lot like the old adage, “Happy wife, happy life.”

The Parents raised two kids and he served in Japan during WWII.

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The couple still lives together at their long-time home. George’s wife, Fern, is under hospice care, and George wishes just one more thing of their relationship.

“I’d like to see her get well again, get out of bed,” he said. “If anybody knows how to do that, tell me.”