School bans boy from using ‘My Little Pony’ bag, says it ‘triggers’ bullying

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Social media is buzzing about a 9-year-old banned from using a “My Little Pony”  bag at his North Carolina School.

According to Grayson Bruce’s parents, the boy was being bullied for using the bag and they went to school officials for help.

Grayson’s mother said instead of punishing the bullies, Grayson was punished.

"The school has done nothing to curtail the bullying. One school official made it a point to tell Grayson to hide it in his backpack. The superintendent's office is supporting the school and is not taking any action, calling the lunch box a trigger for the bullying," a Facebook Page in support of Grayson states.

“Support For Grayson” on Facebook was created on Mar. 10 and has since garnered over 25,000 likes. Many people have left messages of support.

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One Facebook user wrote, “Little man.. I want to tell you to be YOURSELF! The problem is with the people who can't handle how awesome you are and how comfortable you are with yourself, it is their problem, not yours. And huge kudos to your mother for supporting you and seeking justice on the jerks who can't be as happy with life as you are!  Support and Strength little man.”

Others have posted photos of themselves with their favorite "My Little Pony" toy to show their support. 
According to local news reports, Buncombe County Schools claimed the bag “created a disruption” in the classroom.

In a statement released by the school district, a spokesman said, “Buncombe County Schools takes bullying very seriously and we will continue to take steps to resolve the issue.”