Rubbing antifreeze in eyes backfires on man claiming he was Maced

Police say a man who thought he was Maced while driving along Interstate 75 in Ohio on Monday may have instead been sprayed with fluid from his own car.

Andrew D. Zeiner, 29, told investigators he was sprayed with Mace while traveling northbound on I-75 near U.S. 35. He said the person who maced him was someone he had cut off when changing lanes on the highway.

Zeiner claims his eyes started to water and sting, causing him to hit the car directly in front of him before swerving and hitting a barrier. Damage to both cars involved was minor, according to a Dayton police incident report.

As police were probing Zeiner on his claims of being maced, they noticed the engine of his 1998 Honda was spraying antifreeze, which was likely what got into his eyes.

He told police that he is a mechanic and has had antifreeze in his eyes before but that it didn't burn. Against an officer's advice Zeiner then rubbed some antifreeze into his eyes in an attempt to prove his point.

Zeiner's eyes then began to burn and water.

It's unclear if any citations were issued following the crash.