Response grows for dad charged in death of son left in hot car

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The nation is reacting as questions continue to pile up in the case of a metro Atlanta father charged with murder after leaving his toddler son in a hot car.

Cobb County police said the autopsy results are taking a bit longer than usual. The Cobb County Medical Examiner is requesting more information from investigators, and police said they traced the father's steps back to his workplace.

“It seems like it's a rush to judgment in this situation. I think a lot more evidence could be developed before inflicting this on the family,” said defense attorney Kim Keheley Frye.

But Cobb County police say there was no rush in their investigation.

After authorities told media outlets that the death of 22-month-old Cooper Harris was just a tragic mistake, police obtained search warrants for Justin Harris' workplace, a Home Depot satellite office.

“If he mistakenly left his child in the car, what other evidence is there that would cause Cobb County to charge him with felony murder?" Frye asked.

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The charges suggest investigators suspect something more.

"Assume they found something in these search warrants that support that charge. I do think it's early and there should probably be more investigation," said Frye.

The daycare is located a just few blocks from Harris' office, and there are both outside and covered parking spots available.

Meanwhile, an online petition to have murder charges dropped is growing.

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"The public is willing to give someone who's accused in this kind of case the benefit of the doubt," Frye said.

Harris' bond hearing is set for 25 days from now on July 15.

The autopsy results may not arrive until next week.