Republican candidates discuss Paris attacks at Florida summit

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Republican presidential hopefuls gathered in Orlando Saturday for the second day of the Florida Republican Party's Sunshine Summit.

The terror attacks in Paris took center stage in many of the candidates’ remarks.

“Our most pressing national security challenge is radical Islamist terrorism around the world and here at home, both lone wolves and packs of wolves,” businesswoman Carly Fiorina said.

Ohio Gov. John Kasich dedicated most of his speech to the incidents.

“It's a somber day. It's a tough day,” he said. “Action is required. Time is of the essence.”

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie said implementing restrictions on immigration, especially on immigrants from Syria, is critical to defeating the Islamic State group.

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“Our borders must be sealed. Our laws must be enforced,” he said. “And if we did it, we wouldn't have 12 million people here illegally right now.”

Former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum offered a similar stance.

“We need to be aggressive in taking back that land,” he said. “Why? Because the whole legitimacy of a caliphate is based upon holding land.”

Front-runners spoke at the event Friday, before the terror attacks happened.

“We stand with France, we are an ally of France and we do whatever we can to help them,” Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul said.

The summit ends Sunday.

Florida’s primary is March 15.