Report: Florida boy threatened with sexual harassment charges for 'love notes'

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A fourth grade student in Tampa was threatened with sexual harassment charges after sending love notes to his crush at school, WFTS reports.

"He's 9," said the boy’s mother to WFTS. "What little kid doesn't write love notes?"

The mother, who is not identified, said to WFTS the notes were “very sweet” and said one message was written inside a heart that stated, "I like you. I like your hair because it is not sloppy. I like your eyes because they sparkle like diamonds."

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But the notes landed the boy in the principal’s office, where administrators said he could face sexual harassment charges because “the notes were unwanted,” WFTS reports.

"My 9-year-old doesn't even know what sexual harassment means," the mother said to WFTS.

Other students started to tease the boy and told him to write notes “to see the little girl naked,” according to WFTS.

Hillsborough County officials said their teachers do not encourage students to pass notes “because it can cause classroom disruptions like this one,” WFTS reports.