Prof tells new mom to bring baby to class

College math classes are difficult enough, but for one new mother, the challenges started before she stepped foot in class.

Sarah Thompson gave birth to her son, Isaiah five days after the beginning of the term.

He was unofficially enrolled in class three days after he was born with the help of an understanding professor at Lander University.

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Thompson posted the story on Facebook. Dr. Josie Ryan said she knew how overwhelming it could be to have a newborn and attend classes, so she encouraged Thompson to bring Isaiah with her, "Good Morning America" reported.

At one point Ryan scooped up Isaiah and continued the lesson while she held the sleeping baby.

Thompson and her boyfriend live about an hour away from her usual school, the University of South Carolina. They decided to move to be closer to their parents, so Thompson is taking classes at Lander for the rest of the year, hoping to earn her applied mathematics degree as soon as possible.

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The beginning of the day's lesson is spent with the class fawning over Isaiah, then he goes down for a nap, "The Today Show" reported.

When he wakes up, Ryan holds the baby and continues teaching as Thompson takes notes.

When she's done with her degree, Thompson told GMA, she hopes to work for her father's engineering company or make video games or computers.