Pop-Tarts expected to release five new flavors

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Pop-Tart aficionados, get your shopping list ready! The company will be introducing five new flavors over the next few months.

And they're not all going to be the run-of-the-mill breakfast flavors you'd expect from the toaster pastry brand.

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In December, Kellogg's is said to be introducing Chocolatey Caramel. It will be a chocolate crust filled with caramel, topped with chocolate frosting and drizzled with caramel, Delish reported.

Americans' obsession with bacon isn't being ignored in Pop-Tarts second new flavor, Maple Bacon. The standard crust will be filled with maple bacon, topped with white frosting and "crunchlets" sprinkled on top, Refinery 29 reported.

Frosted Watermelon will bring a bit of summer to the middle of December. It will have a watermelon filling and pink and green icing on top.

Pop-Tarts is taking its standard strawberry flavor and bumping it up a notch with printed cartoons on i's traditional white frosting. Expect the limited edition version to start appearing on shelves early 2016.

Another limited edition, pink lemonade, will have a golden crust, filled with lemonade filling, topped with pink frosting and pink and yellow sprinkles. It will be on store shelves in April 2016.