Police searching for couple who left 6 dogs to die in SUV

Police are searching for two people who were hired to transport dozens of dogs and instead left many of them in an abandoned vehicle where they were found dead Wednesday, police said.

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Annette Rosenow, a dog breeder, hired a man and woman through Craigslist to help her move her dogs to Texas, according to Albuquerque police. She met the couple at a park where she handed over the dogs, but the strangers never followed her out of Albuquerque, police said.

"I don't think there is any intent ever to deliver these dogs," police spokesman Simon Drobik told KOAT. "She probably took the money, dumped the car and these dogs died."

A woman identified as Sara is seen, in a video released by police, walking from the rented black Ford Explorer, where six dead dogs were found.

"There was one medium-sized dog curled up on the driver's side with his head wedged into the door between the door and the seat like he was trying to get out. The other one that I saw was kind of hanging half on half off the back seat like it was frenzied and panicked," Cassi Begnaud, who works at a nearby business and went to check on the vehicle, told KOAT.

Police are searching for her and an accomplice who was driving a silver Dodge Caravan with five or six more dogs.