Police officer rescues exhausted baby deer from the road

A Columbus, Ohio, police officer was right on time when a baby deer was too tired to walk across the road.

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Rebecca Wagner shared in a Facebook post that she saw a baby deer in the street.

"This sweet fawn ... got confused and turned around when trying to follow Momma across the street," she wrote. "Then, she laid down in the street too tired to move."

Wagner said she and another woman moved their cars in the road to prevent the deer from getting hit and debated about what to do to help the fawn.

"Then Officer Mitchell appears out of the blue like a superhero," Wagner wrote. "After making a call to his friend that knows about deer, he gently picked up (the deer) and moved her to safety where the momma could see her."

The Ohio Department of Natural Resources said Mitchell demonstrated a "great example of what to do if you come across a fawn in danger" by moving the fawn into the woods where its mother would reunite with it.

Watch a clip of the rescue below:

Posted by Rebecca Wagner on Tuesday, June 7, 2016