Police join in snowball fight, use shields to protect themselves from friendly fire

A police tactical shield was the perfect accessory for an impromptu snowball fight between police and kids living in Duvall, Washington.

A few police officers with the Duvall Police Department were checking out "reports" of "hostiles" using "improvised projectiles made out of fluffy snow," or in normal, everyday terms -- kids were having a snowball fight, The Associated Press reported.

Instead of putting an end to the winter fun, the officers joined in the battle, but safely behind their tactical gear and documented the "fight" on Facebook.

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Most of the officers were overpowered by their opponents and retreated, but one officer was sacrificed, left behind and faced the effects of the snowball onslaught, according to the AP.

Police in Washington took part in a snowball battle, but brought in some defenses for the fight.

Credit: Duvall Police Department/Facebook

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Credit: Duvall Police Department/Facebook