Pit bull PJs aim to warm people to the breed

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With Canada's low, low temperatures, Stephanie Karr kept finding that her shorthaired pit bulls were having trouble staying warm. So, she started making them little dog coats, but those still didn't seem warm enough to keep one of her dogs warm.

According to the "Huffington Post," Karr had the idea to make a full-body apparatus for her dog that could be worn day and night, inside and out. It was then that "Pajamas for Pitbulls" was born.

The fleece PJs have an open belly and rear area so dogs can still do their business while fully clad in the lounge wear.

After Karr began sharing photos of the pajamas on Facebook, she drew a huge following and started getting requests for the canine clothing from across North America.

Not only are the PJs adorable, Karr told the "Huffington Post," but they're helping people see the softer side of pit bulls.

"Usually when one is out and about with their pit bull -- naked or without PJs on -- people recognize them as the media has portrayed them, as vicious dogs, and walk around or avoid them," she told the "Huffington Post."

"But [when] out with their pajamas on, people see the pajamas first -- 'Aw, that's so cute. What type of dog?' By then the dog has made contact via kisses and more kisses and butt wiggling, tail wagging. This helps with demystifying the bad dog image, once people see that inside all that muscle is really a big slobbery dog full of love," she told the publication. "If I had my way, there would be a pair of my pajamas on every dog on the planet."

The pajamas aren't just for pit bulls, they can be purchased for all types of dogs on her website.