Photo: Firefighter reads with young child at accident scene

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A firefighter in Arizona has become a social media sensation.

In a photo taken last Friday, the first responder is seen comforting a young child at the scene of an accident.

Shana Pacheco told "Today" she and her daughter being tended to by Chandler, Arizona, firefighters first because they were the most visibly hurt after a car accident, which is when her son Lucas, 4, became worried about what he saw.

"He was nervous seeing me with an oxygen mask and all this stuff on me," she said.

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Firefighter Russell Whaley then distracted the child with a book to help ease his mind.
"He was wearing a Ninja Turtles T-shirt, so we started talking about that," the firefighter told "Today." From there the two began reading a book on the side of the freeway, which is when Steffani Blair snapped the photo, which has been shared thousands of times from her Facebook page.
The firefighters stayed until Pacheco's husband arrived even though they didn't have to, she said.
Everybody in the accident is expected to be OK.
The family even went to see the crew a couple of days later.
"We took them some baked goods," Pacheco said to "Today". "We really just wanted to thank them and hug them in person. They gave Lucas a sticker, a little badge of bravery, and let him ride in the fire truck."
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