Parents upset by how school handled child's broken arm

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A couple says they want the Fulton County School District to change its policy after their daughter broke her arm at school and no one thought she needed medical attention.

“It’s like your child being tortured. You can’t describe the pain. It’s a helpless feeling,” said parent Tony Ellis.

Ellis says he can’t believe no one at Mimosa Elementary School in Roswell called him last Wednesday, when his 8-year-old daughter fell and broke her arm in class. Ellis says not only did school officials not call them; no one sought any medical attention for their child

Ellis says they put ice on his daughter Paris’ arm and sent her back to class.

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Channel 2’s Tyisha Fernandes called the Fulton County School District to find out why. District officials told her that the student’s arm didn’t appear broken, so the school’s clinic assistant put ice on it.

“Let us make the determination to come and get her and get her assessed by a professional.  I don’t know whether someone is incompetent or lazy or what happened here,” said Ellis.

Paris’s parents were under the impression that there was a school nurse on site, like there was when they were in school, but that’s not the case anymore. According to Georgia State Law, they don’t need a nurse. All they need to have is a clinic assistant.

Ellis doesn’t think that’s enough.

“What I want is to be comfortable with my child in that school, but they’ve broken the trust and I wouldn’t want any parent to go through this with their child,” Ellis said.