Oregon now allows residents to pick up, eat some roadkill

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Oregonians Can Now Harvest, Eat Roadkill

Roadkill: it’s what’s for dinner. At least in some homes in Oregon after a new law goes into effect with the new year.

Starting Tuesday, Oregonians can harvest and eat roadkill. But like any law, there are rules that must be followed, The Associated Press reported.

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First, those who scoop up the fresh kill must fill out and submit an application for a permit within 24 hours of getting an elk or a deer. It cannot be submitted before pickup because location and time of the retrieval is needed, according to the AP.

Antlers must be given to Oregon’s wildlife agency.

Finally, intentionally hitting a deer or elk just to get the meat is still illegal, AP reported.

About 20 states allow people to take and consume the meat of animals who are killed by drivers.

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