Opinion roundup from the right: Trump’s record on race; Motor Voter; the judge was carrying a gun

A roundup of editorials from the Right on Tuesday includes a look at President Donald Trump’s record on race; how Motor Voter laws can damage an election and the judge who was carrying a gun and fired back when he was attacked.

1. Trump's real record on race

From Stephen Moore: Is Trump a racist? He has no great record on race, but he is creating jobs for blacks and other minorities, Moore writes.

2. Automatic voter registration expands government automatically

From Robert Knight: Motor Voter Laws leads to election chaos, Knight writes. “When the Left proposes something that supposedly will enhance “democracy,” it inevitably winds up expanding government, which, in turn, winds up “needing” to further fleece already-overtaxed citizens.”

3. Thank God he was carrying

From Salena Zito: An Ohio judge fired back at his attacker on Monday when he was ambushed on his way to the courthouse. The suspected shooter was eventually killed by someone else, but Zito is thankful the judge was armed.

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