NSA involved in drone program report claims

America's drone program is most closely associated with the CIA, but it turns out the National Security Administration might have played an extensive role in the U.S. government's targeted killing program. (Via Department of Defense)

In fact — the agency reportedly created a secret unit solely to handle the processing of intelligence related to finding certain terrorism targets.

All that from The Washington Post, which reviewed documents it got from former NSA analyst and whistleblower Edward Snowden.

Snowden is currently hiding out in Russia where he was granted temporary asylum. (Via The Guardian)

And of course, it was recently revealed the NSA carried out a domestic spying program involving surveillance of American citizens. (Via Electronic Frontier Foundation)

Now, the Post says intelligence officials requested the outlet withhold some details it came by in its review of the NSA documents. But for just one example, the Post cites an email apparently sent by the wife of an Osama bin Laden associate — intelligence the NSA and CIA closely collaborated on and which eventually led to that associate's death in a drone strike in 2012. (Via CNN)

The U.S. never acknowledged killing that associate, Hassan Ghul, but the documents show the NSA was responsible for confirming the death.

The U.S. drone program has faced criticism from those who say it favors outright assassination in place of detention and interrogation. (Via RT)

According to the Post — specifically, the NSA’s role is to comb through the incredible volume of intelligence found in emails, phone calls and other communications. When asked for comment, a National Security Administration spokesperson offered something vague — saying the agency works to “protect the nation and its interests…”

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