New medication promises to calm dogs afraid of loud noises

Fear of fireworks and thunder may be forgotten by your dog this Fourth of July.

A new drug is hitting the market that is made specifically for dogs that are suffering from loud noise anxiety.

It's called Sileo, and it's expected to be available at vet's offices soon, The Associated Press reported.

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Made by Zoetis Inc., Sileo is a gel that comes in a prefilled needle-less syringe.

You dial the dog's weight, then put the syringe between the dog's gums and lip. The gel is absorbed by the dog's tissue lining in its cheek. It blocks norepinephrine, a brain chemical that increases anxiety, within 30 to 60 minutes. It works for two to three hours, enough time to keep them calm during a fireworks show or a thunderstorm, the AP reported.

The cost is about $30 and has two doses for a large, 80-to 100-pound dog or 4 doses for a 40-pound dog.

For more information on Sileo, including warnings, click here.