NASCAR driver diagnosed with multiple sclerosis

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Shocking news out of the NASCAR world. Driver Trevor Bayne announced he has been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis.

Multiple sclerosis is a brain, spinal cord and nerve disease that often results in numbness of body parts and sometimes loss of vision. Still, Bayne says he plans to drive through it. (Via Sports Illustrated)

"The 22-year-old says he does not expect it to impact his racing career. The Associated Press reports this morning that his younger sister was also diagnosed with the disease." (Via WCYB)

"The Knoxville native says he will compete as scheduled at Homestead Miami Speedway this weekend in the Nationwide and Sprint Cup series." (Via WTNZ)

According to the Mayo Clinic, nerves affected by MS will become damaged and sometimes destroyed, and depending on what nerves are affected "Vision, sensation, coordination, movement, and bladder and bowel control" could be impacted.

The youngest ever Daytona 500 winner was reportedly cleared by Mayo Clinic doctors and NASCAR to continue driving.

In a statement, Bayne said, "I've never been more driven to compete. … There are currently no symptoms and I'm committed to continuing to take the best care of my body as possible. I will continue to trust in God daily and know that His plan for me is what is best." (Via USA Today)

Bayne is only one of several high profile people to publicly announce their MS diagnoses, which include

Ann Romney, wife of former Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney, and Jack Osbourne, son of Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne. (Via Everyday Health)

And other diagnosed athletes attempting to play through MS include Minnesota Wild goalie Josh Harding, who was diagnosed with the disease last year. (Via WCCO)

"You can never get anywhere if you always worry about 'why me?' and just kind of look for the next day and prove to people that, you know, you can keep doing it. And that's my motivation right now...Raise awareness and let people know they can keep doing their thing." (Via WUCW)

Bayne is scheduled to race this weekend. He’s currently ranked 6th in the nationwide standings.

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