Murdered girl's mother to embark on 15th journey across country to find her daughter's killer

The mother of a young Tulsa woman raped and murdered in October 2004 is starting her 15th journey across the country to find her daughter’s killer and advocate for collecting DNA from convicted felons.

Maggie Zingman has been traveling across the country for nearly 12 years on her Caravan To Catch A Killer.

Maggie uses a car wrapped in her daughter’s picture and suspected killer’s information to help spread the word that the case remains unsolved.

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This year, Oklahoma lawmakers passed a law allowing for DNA to be obtained by someone arrested for a felony.

The U.S. Supreme Court determined that DNA is the same as a fingerprint.

Zingman pushes so hard for DNA collection because the killer’s DNA was obtained from her daughter’s crime scene, but it does not match any strands in databases accessed by Tulsa-area investigators.

She said that even if they don’t find her daughter’s killer, she wants to spread the word about the importance of DNA collection laws and how it can protect young women like her daughter and help their families get justice.

Zingman hits the road two weeks from now and will stop in Florida before travelling through the northeastern United States.