‘Moo muffs’: Wisconsin farmer creates earmuffs for newborn calves

Credit: Rothart/Pixabay

Credit: Rothart/Pixabay

After a Wisconsin cattle farmer’s barn burned down, she had to get creative when searching for methods to keep her calves’ ears warm. Now, her solution -- “Moo Muffs” -- is getting international attention.

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Holly Poad, owner of Triple P Farm in Lone Rock, Wisconsin, told WMTV-TV that after Moo Muffs were featured in a local news story in January, peoples' interest in her creation piqued.

"After that first little story that [WMTV-TV] put up, I had a journalist from Ireland contact me to do a write-up," Poad said. "I've had magazines contact me more so to advertise in their magazine."

Earmuffs for calves aren’t new, but Moo Muffs have features traditional earmuffs don’t. Moo Muffs are lined with fleece and have a water-repellent exterior. They have adjustable straps to keep the muffs from falling off the calf. If they do come loose, the muffs are brightly colored so they’re easy to spot.

Poad teamed up with her aunt, Kim Ewers, to make the functional design. In January, the two decided to begin selling Moo Muffs at $20 per pair. Orders started pouring in, and now, Poad and Ewers are selling 15-20 pairs per week.

"It was a bit, like, wow. This is really taking off and I'm, like, wow, I need to really decide what I need to do with this because I think it could really turn into a good deal," Poad said.

Poad said she’s now working with a livestock supply company to produce the Moo Muffs. That would take some work off Ewers, she said,who’s currently working long hours to keep up with the orders, Poad said.

Poad said she’s exploring making earmuffs for horses and other animals.