Mom's heart breaks when she hears 3-year-old's comforting words for terminally ill baby brother

Credit: ChristinLola / iStock / Getty Images Plus

Credit: ChristinLola / iStock / Getty Images Plus

A mother captured a tender moment between her two sons, whose time together is limited.

Mom Sheryl Blanksby’s younger son, Thomas, was born with a skin lesion that looked like a birthmark, but doctors soon diagnosed the baby boy with a rare and aggressive type of cancer. Thomas’ condition is terminal.

"We as a family are trying to cope the best way we can, but it has been very hard," Blanksby told the Daily Mail.

The family, who lives in Australia, explained to their preschool-aged son, William, that doctors are trying to heal Thomas.

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“William also said that maybe the doctors can’t help his baby brother, that’s why Mummy and Daddy are sad. So we think he knows in his own way,” Blanksby said.

Blanksby recently shared a touching moment she captured between William and baby Thomas.

“I was getting ready in the bathroom and (my) husband was in the kitchen,” Blanksby wrote in the Instagram caption. “The kids were quiet, especially Mr preschooler. You know the rules about when kids are quiet.”

When Blanksby found her sons, she saw William comforting Thomas, quietly whispering to him.

“My preschooler is telling his baby brother ‘Kuya (big brother) is here. Everything is OK,” Blanksby wrote.

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The family isn’t sure how much time Thomas has left. Blanksby said they are trying to take as many trips as possible with their sons while they still have time.

“We want to travel with the boys, go on weekend trips to the beach, picnic at the park, drive down the Margaret River,” Blanksby told the Daily Mail.

Friends set up a GoFundMe page to help with medical expenses so the family can focus on bonding with Thomas while they can.

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