Meet 'Big Tex': Reportedly the largest alligator caught alive in Texas

Record Breaking Gator Caught in TX

A record 13' 8" alligator was removed from Champion Lake outside of Houston and is believed to be the biggest live-removed gator in Texas history.

The massive gator was removed from Champion Lake at Trinity River National Wildlife Refuge after becoming "too friendly" with humans. It had become accustomed to the presence of people and would often approach people on the shore. The gator never attacked anyone, but refuge manager Stuart Marcus considered it a "little too close for comfort."

Staff at the refuge contacted the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department to have it moved to Gator Country outside Beaumont, Texas.

The alligator was lured with a large piece of chicken to shore, and it took around 20 minutes before it was lassoed, according to ABC News.

The refuge later held a naming contest for the over 900 pound alligator and was given the name "Big Tex."

Big Tex will live out the rest of its life at Gator Country, where it will not be threatened by humans.

The park is home to another large alligator named Big Al, who has grown to over 1,000 pounds in the last 20 years.