Man sold crack cocaine out of 1-year-old's baby carriage, police say

After reports of drug transactions in Dorchester, Massachusetts, police say they watched a man walking a baby carriage – with a 1-year-old baby in it – sell crack cocaine to a man Friday afternoon.

Police say they watched a man drive off after apparently buying drugs from the man with the stroller, so they confronted the driver first.

In court Monday, Assistant District Attorney Robert Connely said the buyer told them he bought drugs from a man with a stroller.

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"He replied, 'He put the crack down on the top of the baby carriage, and I put the money down and picked them up,'" Connely said. "He pulled the waistband back, and nine small, plastic baggies containing white, flat square-like rocks – appearing to be crack cocaine – fell out of a white colored napkin."

Police say the drugs he had matched the crack cocaine they say the man with the baby carriage dropped when they later approached him.

Odalberto Willalona, 48, was arrested and charged with possession with intent to distribute crack cocaine.

Connely said police found about $600 in cash on Willalona, and nearby, they found a napkin with 14 baggies of crack cocaine in it.

Police say this isn't his first drug offense, but he has a list of convictions and aliases – one of which is the baby's name.

Willalona has been ordered to wear a GPS monitor until his next court date in December, and the baby has been released to a relative.

The Department of Children and Families is investigating the child's well-being.