NC man drove around for weeks with $4M winning ticket

After driving around with a $4 million-winning $200 Million Blowout ticket in his truck since June, Lampi stopped at a local lottery retailer to have the ticket scanned.

“That ticket had lived in the console of my truck for almost a month,” Lampi said. “I knew I’d won something but I figured it was just $20, like I normally win. I didn’t even scratch off the prize amount. Then when the clerk scanned the ticket, she said I had to claim my prize at the lottery office. I thought it must be more than $500. When I scratched the rest of the ticket I couldn’t believe my eyes. The whole moment was just surreal. It still hasn’t sunk in, to be honest.”

A $4 million prize in the game can be claimed in 20 annuity payments of $200,000 or a one-time payment of $2.4 million. Lampi chose the lump sum and received $1,662,006 after required state and federal withholdings.

“I’m going to make some investments and donate to some charities,” Lampi said. “And I may chill out at the beach for a while. For a good long while.”