Mama Duck Adopts More Than 70 Ducklings, Goes Viral

Make way for ducklings: Photo of mama duck and her dozens of ducklings melts hearts

Cizek was taking photos at Lake Bemidji when he noticed the common merganser with her brood. When he was done counting, there were dozens of ducklings swimming behind the mama, WCCO reported

Cizek said he first saw the feathered family in June. He was taking photos at the lake as he tried to maneuver his small boat in choppy water. Only one photo was usable from that outing, the one of the duck and her more than 50 babies, The New York Times reported.

He told the Times that he’s spotted the family in recent trips and she’s gained even more babies and has now as many as 76 wards.

It isn’t odd for ducks to have freakishly large families.

The National Audubon Society says that ducks will lay eggs in nests of other ducks, normally of the same species, but sometimes in other birds’ nests. 

Scientists don’t know why, but think it may be to keep at least some of their babies safe in case a scavenger comes and attacks the nest, according to the Audubon Society

Normally a duck can lay a dozen eggs and can incubate about 20. Experts believe that the reason this mother duck has so many following her is that some of the babies may have been separated from their mother and she looks like their mom so they followed her, according to the Audubon Society.

Photo: Courtesy: Brent Cizek