​​Love Your Pet Day: 9 lavish ways to spoil your pet

Love Your Pet Day is Saturday, and although you may have never heard of it, it's not too late to celebrate. Here are nine ways to spoil your pet.

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Dating service for pets

Sure, your pet may love your companionship, but there is nothing like another cat or dog being there. Give your pet a chance at love or friendship by connecting them on a dating site. You may meet a new friend or companion yourself.

Pet stroller

This may sound obnoxious, but hear us out. It's very useful and you don't have to spend a ton of money to go on a neighborhood walk, or stroll, with your pet. Plus, there is a stroller for everyone: some look like baby strollers, others roll like two-wheel suitcases and some have a detachable carrier so you can carry your puppy, kitty, bunny or other suitable pet around.

Cat cottage

When a standard kitty condo won't do, you can pamper your cat or cats with an entire house. At $1,004.99, this kitty house is pricey, but isn't spoiling your cat worth it? You have the option of adding a porch and deck, heat and heated mats and AC. A comforting getaway house for your pet doesn't have a price.

Pet massages

Pets need some pampering too. What better way than a relaxing dog massage? If your dog doesn't mind being held and handled, this could be a good option at $85 for a session of 50 minutes. But it doesn't have to be something you pay for. There are simple massages you can do at home.

Doggie perfume

Freshen up your dog after a bath with a tiny spritz of vanilla musk. Don't worry. It's a unisex fragrance for male or female dogs. You could even do this after that dog massage.

Pet nail polish

Hear us out: painting nails can be therapeutic and relaxing for humans, why not for dogs too? If nothing else, you can dress up your pups' paws a bit. It doesn't have to be one solid color, either. Nail art works too.

Pet monitor

If your pet is especially close to you, keep the bond strong even when you're away. By talking, playing with and watching your pet on a $199 monitor, you and your pet can enjoy each other's company wherever you are.

Beer for pets

You read that right. If you can unwind with a beer, why can't your dog or cat have a beer too? Don't worry about the alcohol -- there is none and there are no hops or carbonation. This doesn't have to be a regular thing. Just a treat. Plus, you can get your pet on the label for $34.

A glamorous collar

Spoiling your pet doesn't always come cheap, but if you can spare $150,000, why not indulge your beloved pooch with a once-in-a-lifetime diamond collar? With so many diamonds, you can show your pet just how much you value them.