Kitten hides in box of beer during fire, rescued on live TV

Photo credit: YouTube

Photo credit: YouTube

This is one tough little kitten!

A news report in Miami on a massive brush fire came to an adorable end when a kitten was rescued on live TV. The little furball was found hiding in a box of Modelo beer while reporter Roger Lohse with WPLG was covering the brush fire story.

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Lohse was finishing up his report on the 800-acre blaze when the camera zooms in behind him and firefighters are seen carrying a tiny black kitten in a white blanket from out of the woods.

'Look at that! Not only did they put out the fire, but we just had the rescue here. How about that - that's a great story,' says Lohse.

No word on the kitten's condition or if its new name will be 'Six-Pack.'

Watch the rescue