‘Kid Santa’ brings Christmas cheer to shelters

Kenneth Isaacson apparently lives by the adage of it is better to give than receive.

Isaacson, 17, like many spent most of the month of December saving money to buy Christmas gifts. But the gifts weren't for his family and friends, the money was used instead to buy gifts for children in hospitals and family shelters in Albion, Michigan, WWMT reported.

But Isaacson’s story goes deeper than just the usual feel-good story of the season.

He called “Kid Santa” and is a foster child who decided to use his situation to help those less fortunate than he is.

"This Christmas, being a foster kid, I had no one to spend the holidays with, so I spent two or so paychecks, maybe more, and I wanted to bring you guys a little bit of Christmas cheer," Isaacson told WWMT.

He paid for most of the gifts, about $400, but additional gifts came from donations from those living in the town.

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Isaacson said he found himself in similar situations and wanted to do something for the kids who are going through a rough time.

"I've had many different Christmases in my life. I've spent Christmas in a Russian orphanage. I've spent Christmas as a foster kid. I've spent Christmas on the street. What I'm trying to do is I want to provide a temporary escape for these kids. I want them to not think about housing projects or shelters or soup kitchens or ERs or surgeries. I want them to think about, 'Oh my gosh! What is in here man? What is it? Is it a puppy? Is it a video game?' I want them to have that rush of excitement," Isaacson told WWMT.

While he brought toys for the children, he also brought games for the adults staying in one shelter and stayed to play cards with them.

Isaacson isn't shy about the job he is doing either and hopes to inspire others to do the same, WWMT reported.

“If one 17-year-old kid can do all this for 40 kids, then just think of what we could all do if we all came together as a community,” he said.