U.S. intercepts Iranian attack command

Tensions in the Middle East are escalating. On Thursday, the U.S. intercepted an order from Iranian officials instructing shiite militants to attack U.S. targets in Iraq.

“These intercepts suggest they may be be using some of the Shiite militia groups to detonate a car bomb or some type of attack against the U.S. Embassy there.” (Via Fox News)

The Wall Street Journal broke the story on Thursday and the U.S. has issued a warning telling citizens to avoid all unnecessary travel to Iraq "'citing terrorist activity 'at levels unseen since 2008.'"

Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei condemned U.S. intervention in Syria Thursday, saying the U.S. is using chemical weapons as a pretext and the real reason for intervention is to safeguard Israel.

He issued a stern warning of his own.

"The United States is wrong about Syria, and it is certain they will suffer... just like in Iraq and Afghanistan ..." (Via Al Jazeera)

And dismissing U.S. debate over action in Syria, state-run Press TV characterizes it as "... a major propoganda campaign"

Meanwhile military leaders are on watch for Iran's fleet of fast-moving boats in the Persian Gulf and security has been bolstered at the U.S. embassy in Beirut as Hezbollah looks like a serious threat. (Via The Daily Star)

And Friday morning we learned the State Department ordered non-emergency government personnel to leave Lebanon.

Pentagon officials have been discussing possible Syrian strike plans, and it’s now reported they’ve gone over 50 scenarios.

World leaders are meeting for a second straight day in St. Petersburg, Russia for the G-20 summit and remain sharply divided on Syria with Russia still backing the regime.

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