Inside Blue Origin’s luxurious spaceship that could take you to space next year


Inside Blue Origin’s luxurious spaceship that could take you to space next year

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Blue Origin

New interior renderings of Blue Origin’s space capsule that could eventually take paying customers into suborbital flight (about 60 miles into space) were just released — making the possibility of space tourism more of a reality.

According to an email sent Wednesday by billionaire Jeff Bezos — the man behind both Blue Origin and Amazon — the new capsule will be mounted atop the private space company’s reusable New Shepherd rocket.

In the email, Bezos shared illustrations of the capsule mock-up, which features “the largest windows ever in space,” where “every seat’s a window seat.”

Blue Origin

According to the Blue Origin website, the windows make up one-third of the entire capsule, so that those on board can immerse themselves in “the vastness of space and life-changing views of our blue planet.”

The cozy interior — sized at 530 square feet — houses six leather reclining seats with Blue Origin feather logos.

Small video screens are seen mounted next to each window.

In the photos, you can also see passengers donning Blue Origin pullovers, their "launch suits."

Jeff Bezos said the company is on track to start taking paying customers to space as early as 2018, the Verge reported.

Last month, SpaceX’s Elon Musk also announced plans to send two private citizens around the moon.

While pricing for the approximately 10-minute Blue Origin flight into space hasn’t been disclosed, Ars Technica estimates tickets will likely cost between $100,000 and $200,000. 

The capsule mock-up and the New Shepard reusable booster will be on display at the 33rd Space Symposium in Colorado Springs on April 3-6, Bezos said.

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