Hammered squirrel stumbles home after eating fermented apples

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A squirrel found himself a little bit tipsy after snacking on one too many fermented crab apples.


A group found the squirrel struggling to move from tree to tree.

At first, they worried it was hurt after falling from a branch, only to realize it had gotten drunk after eating too many of the fermented fruits.

The YouTube user that posted the video, Sphios, writes in the video's description, "We found this Squirrel in the backyard and thought at first it was hurt but then realized it had one too many fermented crabapples. Sorry about the shaky camera! Had a hard time keeping it steady while laughing."

While the squirrel's hilarious drunk endeavors are amusing, the poor creature could actually be intoxicated.

Scientists have found in the past that animals can get naturally buzzed from the occurring alcohol in fermenting fruit.

The video already has close to two million views.