Former President George H.W. Bush was 'fired up' for Super Bowl coin toss!

Though health problems kept them from joining President Donald Trump’s inauguration, former President George H.W. Bush and Barbara Bush wouldn’t miss a party in their hometown and were eager to participate in the coin flip before the big game.

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"They feel great. They've been taking it easy since they've both been discharged from the hospital, saving up their strength. They're just fired up and didn't want to overexert themselves and risk not being able to make it. They're so focused on this and so proud of their hometown," spokesman Jim McGrath told The Hill.

“They were so proud of Houston and how the community has come together to take on this massive challenge of hosting the Super Bowl,” he said.

As the away team, the Patriots caledl the coin in the air. They chose heads, losing again (as they have in their past four Super Bowls, per SB Nation).

Here are some notable reactions to the former president: