Former Navy pilot rescued by Coast Guard after treading water for 20 hours

A former Navy pilot was rescued Thursday after having spent 20 hours treading water.

According to Bay 9 News, 61-year-old William Durden, from Reno, Nevada, was fishing alone in the Homosassa River and not wearing a life jacket when he fell overboard.

"I went through different phases. First couple hours, 'I’ll find some way to wave down and get on somebody’s boat.' Then sundown comes and, 'Oh well, I’m gonna have to plan for nighttime now,'” Durden told Bay 9 News. "I was just praying that no big shark would come out and decide to have me for dinner."

After 20 hours treading water, Durden was found by the Coast Guard,  following a two-hour search.

He says that he was physically fine, but was glad to have been found after braving drops in water temperature and encounters with fish.

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A 64-year-old former Navy pilot who fell from his fishing boat spent 20 hours treading water off the coast of Florida before the Coast Guard rescued him.

Posted by NBC News on Friday, June 3, 2016