Forget football—Watch Superb Owls live and in action instead

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Great horned owls are known to be extremely territorial and monogamous. However, a family of owls outside Reno has two moms, one dad and a pair of owlets. A report said a female owl joined a pre-existing nest with a male and female owl. Scientists call their family "unheard of" among owls.

This evening, as football fans flock to the stadium (or, more realistically, to bars and watch parties) to catch the Super Bowl 53 showdown between the Los Angeles Rams and New England Patriots in Atlanta, the real stars of the day will be swooping the skies overhead, feathers and all.

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We’re talking about none other than the Superb Owl, of course. The running joke—a real hoot—stems from bad spellers everywhere attempting to Google search “Super bowl” and, well, failing. Another year, another spike in Google searches for the mysterious “Superb owl.”

But in the age of memes and trending topics, the mythical creature has generated quite a flurry of followers.

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If you Google search “superb owl” today, you’ll be greeted by the yellow-haired, bright-eyed owl of all owls.

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And that's not all. Head over to the subreddit r/superbowl at 6 p.m. for a special Ask Me Anything with biologist James Duncan of Discover Owls, who has owl the owl knowledge one might want.

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To catch some owl action live in lieu of Superb Owl Sunday and witness the diverse creatures in action, here’s a list of must-watch cams to stream:

Owl Research Institute, (Montana)

"It might be the only camera in the world showing communal groups of owls," wildlife researcher Denver Holt, founder and president of the Owl Research Institute," told Wired.

Shadow Ridge High School (Arizona)

Great horned owls nesting at a school in Surprise, Arizona.

The Jollyville Screech Owl House (Texas)

Olivia, a “wild and free eastern screech owl” tends to come and go as she pleases, according to the Austin-based channel.