Florida man shot in dog poop dispute dies

Jose Rey, who was shot by a resident after an argument over dog poop on Father's Day weekend, died on Monday, NBC Miami reports.

While taking his dog for a walk in Kendall on June 20, Rey got into a dispute with 66-year-old Omar Rodriguez after his dog defecated on Rodriguez’s son’s lawn. Rodriguez got a gun from his car after Rey allegedly threatened him, NBC Miami reports. Rodriguez shot Rey twice when he thought Rey was moving towards him, according to police.

Rey was taken to Kendall Regional Hospital and had two surgeries after suffering “severe abdominal and spinal injuries,” NBC Miami reports. He did not recover and died late Monday.

According to neighbors in the Kendall neighborhood, Rodriguez has threatened residents before and some even have restraining orders against him, NBC Miami reports.

“He did not like anyone walking on his sidewalk,” a neighbor said to NBC Miami. “He considered it his. And if you walked by, you were able to become a victim of his aggressiveness.”

Rodriguez was charged with attempted murder and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon when the shooting occurred, but police said to NBC Miami that “new charges are pending in the wake of Rey’s death.”

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