Florida man accused of murdering wife, son by setting house on fire

A Palm Bay man was jailed on Wednesday, charged with murdering his wife and son by dousing the family's home with gasoline and setting it on fire.

Edgard Fuentes, 64, faces two counts of murder, arson and burglary of an occupied dwelling for the Jan. 12 incident, Florida Today reports.

Police said Fuentes got into an argument with family members at a bowling alley in Melbourne. Hours later he went home and drenched the place with gasoline, police said. He then went into the master bedroom and allegedly poured the gasoline on his wife, who woke up and screamed, according to Florida Today.

The couple's son went to check on his mother and got into a brief fight with his father before Fuentes ignited the gasoline. The house went up in flames while also burning Fuentes, his wife and son.

The wife and son managed to escape the house fire but later died in the hospital.

Fuentes was hospitalized for life-threatening burns and an infection. He received a tracheotomy so he can breathe, Florida Today reports.

Officials transferred Fuentes from the Orlando Medical Center to Brevard County Jail.