Florida man accused of lying about needing kidney, received thousands in donations

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A Florida man is accused of running a scam, getting his friends to donate tens of thousands of dollars for medical expenses.

His friends say he never needed a kidney and now they're going to police. The police report was filed Tuesday.

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Action News obtained video friends say Kyle Hallman posted on his Facebook page. He asked them to give him more money, again for his dialysis while waiting for a new kidney. "I need you," said Hallman in the video.

"Everyone was jumping in and helping," said friend Wally Wood. He says he donated as much as could, while still trying to make ends meet. "It got to a point where all he was asking for was a Pay Pal donations, anything that required cash only," said Wood.

According to the police report Wood filed with JSO Tuesday, donors became more suspicious when Hallman began asking for "direct 'gift' donations via his paypal account."'

Another friend who didn't want her face shown, says she helped put on a fundraiser and gave Hallman $1,600 cash. "He wanted to convince me he's 100 percent legit. He is sick with diabetes, but there are too many things not adding up," said one friend. "I think we've all been duped," she said.

Action News obtained screen shots of the Go Fund Me and You Caring sites that friends say Hallman set up. Friends tell me between those sites, a benefit concert and lemonade fundraiser, Hallman got upwards of $30,000. But they say he kept asking friends for more every day. "Messages insisting he gets cash today, or he's gonna die," said Wood.

We do know at least one friend has already been refunded $100 by Go Fund Me and You Caring told Action News via email, "The campaign has been temporarily suspended while we investigate some potential irregularities."

We tried calling Hallman and writing to him on Facebook to get his side of the story, but so far he hasn't responded. One friend says no matter what the reason, they still want to help their friend. "I would like to see him apologize to everyone he took money from," said Wood.